Kyagulanyi returns to Presidential campaign trail

Posted: 2020-12-03T07:32:39Z
Kyagulanyi returns to Presidential campaign trail

The National Unity Platorm, NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi and his team have this morning returned to the campaign trails, a one day after cancellation.

According to Kyagulanyi, they had cancelled the campaign after surviving death in Kayunga. He also said they needed to face the Electoral Commission which had allegedly closed it eyes following the death of Ugandans in protests that broke out following his arrest on November 18th.

“We came to face the electoral commission because it has been silent ever since we were brutally arrested from the nomination grounds, the electoral commission has been silent since the murder of more than 100 innocent Ugandans. Electoral commission was silent even when 5 people were murdered in Nakifuma by the police trucks running over them. So we came because we know the EC is responsible for this election and yes we put it to them” Kyagulanyi says.

He noted that his team wanted to find out whether or not the electoral commission was in charge. Kyagulanyi says the military is blocking his campaign and forcing Ugandan businesses to close.

Kyagulanyi says they have been raising issues of double standards by police which is killing his people because of SOPs, yet Mr. Museveni is addressing crowds with protection from the military. He noted that they have tasked the electoral commission to deal with this double standards.

The candidate was also concerned about the change in his security that had been originally assigned to him. A one Commissioner of Police Namutebi Hadijja had intimated to Kyagulanyi that she was contemplating changing his security detail.

The EC chairman Justice Byabakama Simon said it is necessary to have this change, since the commander of his detail was injured and the team currently has no commander.
“In my view, the suggestion by CP Namutebi was appropriate. She felt that these people have served for almost a month and they have been moving all over. I think she felt like there is need to beef up the security with fresh people who have not been running up and down. So there is nothing strange or sinister” Byabakama said.

According to the chairman, it is normal for VIP guards to be changed. He also reminded Kyagulanyi that in he had originally chased away the same group he is crying for now.

“Mind you, this is the group you had chased away, isn’t it? Isn’t this the group you had chased away after the Kyambogo fracas? Actually I had to call him the next day, to convince him to and we discussed what happened in Kyambogo, talked about security and he eventually listened, but now he doesn’t want to let them go” The chairman said.

Today Kyagulanyi resumes our campaigns with a message of FREEDOM. He heads to KIBUKU, BUDAKA, and MANAFWA!