Government planting hooligans in our team to justify militarization of campaigns- Kyagulanyi

Posted: 2020-11-30T08:48:04Z Read: 1,322 times
Government planting hooligans in our team to justify militarization of campaigns- Kyagulanyi

The National Unity Platform, NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has accused the government of planting hooligans in their rallies to justify military attacks.

The candidate was Monday morning briefing his team ahead of today’s campaigns in Buikwe, Lugazi and Mukono.

Kyagulanyi said his campaign team and supporters are very peaceful people, but that a few elements who are always seen provoking police belong to the NRM party which plants them in their camp, to justify teargas and live bullets always fired at their rallies.

“They plant hooligans in our campaigns because they see us not getting provoked by their actions. So they plant hooligans to cause trouble to justify beating us. I want you to continue being peaceful, follow the law and stay calm. That’s why many Ugandans especially the elders are standing with us” he told the team.

Kyagulanyi said NUP supporters and his campaign team have no reason to be angry and cause any kind of trouble because they are headed to state house come 2021.

He said that no matter how provoked his team may be, they should not lose their cool and fight with the security agents. Kyagulanyi further called on the team to avoid any forms of tribalism.

The candidate has faced criticism for promoting tribalism during his campaigns. He however said the NUP team has people from different tribes and that it is a national team. 
Kyagulanyi also applauded his team for supporting the struggle, despite lack of facilitation. 

“I want to applaud you for being patient. We do not facilitate you in anyway, not even fueling your cars and motorcycles, you know we have no money. Despite Museveni painting a picture that we are bankrolled by some white people. I have seen you guys share one chapatti but held onto the fight. Please remain patient, we are going to state house” Kyagulanyi told the team.

He further noted that God is on their side and no one can beat them. Kyagulanyi encouraged the team to pray in whichever language they know for safety from God.