Fear among business communities in Kagadi, Hoima as Kyagulanyi campaigns in areas

Posted: 2020-11-25T11:38:27Z Read: 1,094 times
Fear among business communities in Kagadi, Hoima as Kyagulanyi campaigns in areas

Shops remained closed this morning in Kagadi where the National Unity Platform-NUP party Presidential candidate Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine was campaigning.

Many traders in Hoima town where he will be addressing another rally also remain closed as people fear to lose their marchandaize through looting that always comes with running battles between police and supporters of NUP wherever Kyagulanyi goes to campaign.

On Tuesday, teargas and live bullets were fired in Bundibugyo and Kasese where people had turned up to listen to the candidate. Some people were injured in the running battles.
Today, Kyagulanyi is campaigning in Kagadi, Kibale and later Hoima. In Kagadi where he went first, several people closed down their shops until he left.

He addressed a rally in Muhoro and Kagadi Model Primary school on Wednesday morning before proceeding to Kibaale, Kakumiro, Kikuube and Hoima for other rallies where he is headed now.

Shops along Market, Kabalega and Mugenyi streets had closed by 9AM amidst tight police deployment. Business owners said they anticipated chaos in the town center and had to secure their business premises from being destroyed.     

Indeed in Kagadi, police had been waiting for Kyagulanyi and his team as had been hundreds of his supporters. People stood by the road side waving at Kyagulanyi but he was not allowed to go to town.

However, people swarmed police, overpowered it and managed to head to the rally venue in large numbers. 

Kyagulanyi promised that when he becomes president, all land in Bunyoro will belong to the Banyoro. He noted that while Bunyoro is part of Uganda and should share their riches with the rest of the country, they should benefit first.

Stephen Kamar, the Kagadi District Police Commander-DPC urged for calm among the business communities and the entire people of Kagadi saying police was in control to secure them with their property. 

Kyagulanyi is currently on his way to Kibaale district for the second rally of the day.