Tanga Odoi eats own words as Kyagulanyi holds massive rally in Tororo

Posted: 2020-11-17T12:58:31Z
Tanga Odoi eats own words as Kyagulanyi holds massive rally in Tororo

The NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Odoi Tanga has said that they will not allow the National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi to address mass rallies or cause chaos in Tororo district.

A group of NRM supporters staged in Tororo town holding the party Presidential candidate’s posters, waiting for Kyagulanyi to force him into addressing only the authorized number of people which is 200.

According to Tanga Odoi, president Museveni is carrying out scientific elections and so should other candidates.

“People here are NRM, so if People Power has been making news by getting people beating and blocking him, with us we are law abiding, there is nobody who is blocking anybody from accessing town. The only thing we want to see, as citizens is following COVID-19 guidelines. If there is not supposed to be a rally, that is it” Odoi said.

Adding that; you cannot have a rally, when the president of the country and chairman of the NRM is going by the scientific method. The people behind me are NRM and they are only saying that Bobi Wine should pass, address the 200 people and should leave the district peacefully. Nobody is going to cause chaos when we leaders are around” Odoi said.
He noted that Bobi Wine is not above the law and should abide by the guidelines and that nobody will allow a rally of people beyond 200 people as the mobilized NRM civilians would not allow it.

“If police does not disperse it, we shall disperse the big rally ourselves. We shall take that risk” Tanga said. 

He also warned other candidates who are coming to campaign in the area, against holding mass rallies, as his people will not tolerate that.

However, Kyagulanyi was welcomed into the district by huge crowds and held a mass rally.

During the rally, Kyagulanyi said the police blocked their sound system and stopped them from accessing town through the main road. The NUP candidate said he had also planned to play some music for his people, but their machines were blocked. 

He promised that under his government, Uganda shall have the best schools. Kyagulanyi said that despite Ofwono Opondo being a government spokesperson, he lives like a beggar.

Kyagulanyi was explaining that the NRM government chooses one intellectual in every region and gives them big positions to lie to the residents that government cares about their issues.

He also introduced all NUP candidates in Tororo. He is still in the district for the rest of the afternoon. However, Tanga Odoi and his NRM team of supporters have no showed up as earlier threatened to disperse the rally.