Stepping down for Amuriat was a very difficult decision- Amb. Wasswa Birigwa

Posted: 2020-11-13T07:49:38Z
Stepping down for Amuriat was a very difficult decision- Amb. Wasswa Birigwa

The Forum for Democratic Change, FDC presidential candidate Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat alias Villager has paid respect to the over 365 people who lost their lives during LRA insurgency in the district of Amuria, Eastern Uganda.

The deceased were buried at a place known as Obalanga Mass grave. The candidate promised that Justice and Reconciliation is the critical third point of the FDC/PG Transitional plan.

He added that in the New Uganda they intend to build, they will give justice to people that lost lives in these atrocities.

While speaking to their supporters in Amuria district, Party Chairman Amb Wasswa Birigwa said Amuriat had asked him to step aside for him during their quest for the party flag.
According to Birigwa, Amuriat argued that the Baganda have had many presidents and it was time for the Iteso to be given a chance to lead the country.

“About a month and a half ago, we started a journey with Amuriat. Both of us wanted to become the presidential flag bearer of our party and I was sure I was going to win. So we moved around the country but wherever we went, Amuriat would say to me, why don’t you leave this to me? After all, the Baganda have been with so many presidents but Iteso never have a hand in presidents. So what don’t you give a chance to Iteso. It was a very difficult decision” Birigwa said.

According to Birigwa, he gave up the seat, so that the Iteso can have the first President ever. He therefore tasked the people of Teso to vote Amuriat so as not to let him down, because he also wanted to become a President.

“Amuriat is my president. Let him be your President also, because he is your son” Birigwa requested.

Amuriat in his speech also thanked Birigwa for standing down for him and went on to address people in their native language.

Amuriat also addressed a rally at Kapelebyong.