5 arrested in Rukungiri following murder of woman in her home

Posted: 2020-08-28T06:45:28Z Read: 1,222 times
5 arrested in Rukungiri following murder of woman in her home

Police in Rukungirir district have arrested 5 people in connection with the attack and strangulation of a woman to death in her home.

Elly Maate the Kigezi Regional Police Spokesperson identifies the deceased as Natweta prudence a 38 year old resident of Kamira village, Ndago parish, Nyarushanje Sub County.

According to Maate, a group of thugs found Natweta closing her door on the night of 26/8/2020 at around 9:30pm. They caught her unaware and strangled her to death with a towel.  
The thugs made off with unspecified amount of money.

The suspects are; Kajura, Turyamureba Saul, Biryomumeisho Rozio, Owomugisha John and Akankwasa Benard all residents of above address.

Natweta’s body was discovered on Thursday 27/8/2020 by her friends Nyesiga Phiona and Merisa Robert who went to check on her but found her lifeless body in the sitting room. 
They notified neighbors and relatives who reported to Nyarushanje police that notified Rukungiri Police station. 

Scene was visited by police, postmortem done while investigations continue.