Police threatens to re-introduce stringent lockdown measure

Posted: 2020-08-17T13:58:55Z
Police threatens to re-introduce stringent lockdown measure

The police has threatened to re-introduce the stringent lock-down enforcement measures following failure by Ugandans to abide to the guidelines set by President Museveni during easing of the COVID-19 lock-down.

While addressing the press at Uganda Media Centre on Monday morning, Fred Enanga said that during last week, members of the joint taskforce were evaluating the impact of the security enforcement measures as they had also been eased.

“You remember that after the easing of the lockdown, we also eased some of the restrictions and you could see that some of the check points and barriers were removed, there was some bit of excess time that was given for people who were trying to find their way back home, so we were less extreme in our enforcement mechanism and we may see ourselves re-introducing stringent lock-down enforcement measures with the new hotspots that are now emerging in Kampala arcades and in Wakiso” Enanga warned.

He noted that some of the border districts like Namisindwa will potentially see stringent lock down measures in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The police are searching for two drivers who were involved in a traffic altercation with officers at buloba. The fight broke out after police officers flagged down an unregistered MarkX car that had been involved in an accident.

According to Enanga, the officers were still speaking to the unidentified driver when a group of Subaru drivers arrived in a convoy and demanded that he is let go. 
The drivers then tried to aid the MarkX driver to get away, forcing an officer who was guarding his traffic colleagues to act. 

The driver of a black Subaru Forester Reg. No UBD 026C attempted to disarm the officer identified as Tony Maurice Ogwang. 

“It is fortunate that no death was registered but one of our officers, PC Samuel Mutungirehe was injured by a fragment in the lower stomach and was rushed to a clinic for treatment and is out of danger. The numberless MarkX was forcefully driven away when our officers were attending to their colleague and even the driver was aided to escape, however the Subaru which was being driven by the errant driver was abandoned and will guide our investigations” Enanga said.

When arrested, the drivers face charges of obstruction, assaulting an officer on duty, attempted robbery of a gun and driving misconduct. Enanga warned members of the public to avoid such altercations that put their lives and those of police officers in danger. 

The events happened on Sunday at about 5PM and were recorded on camera. The video has since gone viral on social media, but this time round, many Ugandans have condemned the errant drivers.