DP to hold Delegates’ Conference in 22 venues across Uganda

Posted: 2020-08-05T08:30:25Z Read: 518 times
DP to hold Delegates’ Conference in 22 venues across Uganda

The opposition Democratic Party under the leadership of its president general, Norbert Mao is set to table a proposal to hold the party National Delegates’ Conference in 22 venues across Uganda.

The plan was revealed by Mao during the party weekly Press Conference on Tuesday, in Kampala. He noted that the party cannot exclude any delegate who is qualified and that if the proposal is adopted, they will have 22 meetings over Uganda.

He says that during the meetings, the outgoing National executive committee will table all their achievements and failures as well as their plans going forward. 

“For those who will be interested to contest a gain, they will be subjected to elections. For instance if you have Busoga, they can choose a venue and gather on one location and send a few delegates in order to adhere to the Ministry of health guidelines. We are also tabling before the National Executive Committee, proposed election rules which will provide for the appointment of an election committee” Mao revealed.

He noted that there have been complaints that Mao and his executive are their own electoral commission, but he explains that the party constitution is designed like that. 

“For the last 15 years, DP has not amended its constitution. So whatever we are doing is in line with the constitution of the party. So, we are proposing that we appoint an adhoc committee to manage the election. We shall have a chair and there will be returning officers fall the 22 venues where the delegates’ conferences will be taking place” Mao added.

He says the official venue of the conference will be in Gulu and that once the chairman has received a report from 22 venues, then they can hold the official one.

There will be a provision for candidates to deliver their campaigns digitally during the conferences.