Karuhanga, Mwiru officially join Muntu’s ANT

Posted: 2020-07-07T11:45:25Z
Karuhanga, Mwiru officially join Muntu’s ANT

The Alliance for National Transformation –ANT, a Political party formed by former FDC President Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu has today officially received into the party Ntungamo Municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga and his Jinja East counterpart Paul Mwiru. 

Gen. Muntu was recently endorsed as the party’s candidate in the forthcoming presidential election. Karuhanga and Mwiru are part of the group that disagreed with a camp that supported Patrick Amuriat Oboi against Muntu during party elections in 2017 FDC. 

In a press conference held at the ANT headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday morning, Mwiru stressed that he has decided to come out openly so that he avoids being seen as a hypocrite by supporting ANT from the background while he officially subscribes to another party. 

Meanwhile, Karuhanga said he was persuaded by the principles of ANT and allowing the growth of institutions without leaning on a single individual. 

During the meeting, Gen Muntu expressed gratitude for attracting such respectable leaders and called it the first step in a long journey. He also described the gesture by the legislators as a great sign depicting ANT’s desire to revamp the image of the parliament.