Several Kampala Roads cut-off by floods following early morning downpour 

Posted: 2020-07-06T09:30:07Z
Several Kampala Roads cut-off by floods following early morning downpour 

Several roads in Kampala have become impassable, following a heavy downpour on Monday morning. Many people have worked from home, for fear of losing their lives in floods that have cut off several areas. 

On Ggaba road, pedestrians are unable to cross from Soya to Kansanga. The security road block at Soya has also been removed, following the water that has filled the road.
This place always floods during the rainy season, and today wasn’t any different. In Nsambya, the road to the police barracks was also cut off and some cars unable to move. Many people were see struggling to cross from one side of the road to the other.

Other places that reported flooding are Ntinda stretcher, where road construction is ongoing, Old Portbell road, Jinja Road near the EC, Mukwano road among others.

Three months ago, 56-year-old Cissy Namukasa drowned in a drainage channel at Nakawa during a heavy downpour. Police later released a CCTV footage indicating the deceased’s final moments. To date, her body has never been found. 

With several roads flooded, it is impossible for pedestrians to identify drainage channels that are always filled to capacity. One is unable to see where a road starts or ends as the water is too high.

Legal Brains Trust, a democracy and human rights watchdog, dragged Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Attorney General to court, following the drowning an disappearance of Namukasa. The organization claims KCCA failed to enforce a clear plan to protect people living in the city from loss of life, limb and property as a result of unsafe and hazardous roads, drainage channels, sewers and related infrastructure.

Legal Brains Trust also seeks compensation to the tune of Shs500 million for Namukasa’s family who are still desperate to find her body.