Police releases impounded taxis following Drivers’ Registration with KCCA

Posted: 2020-06-05T08:24:57Z Read: 1,486 times
Police releases impounded taxis following Drivers’ Registration with KCCA

At least 114 taxis and a coaster that were impounded on Thursday for transporting passengers without route charts have been released.

According to Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, police resolved to release the vehicles after the owners agreed to register.

The vehicles are parked in various Police Stations within Kampala Metropolitan Police, but Onyango says the figure keeps fluctuating as owners of taxis go and register, then police releases the vehicle
The Kampala Capital City Authority - KCCA and the Ministry of Works and Transport issued directives for all taxis, coasters and buses to register to secure route charts, however by Thursday when they resumed business, many were yet to receive these. 

According to KCCA, all drivers are required to fill a registration form detailing their name, National Identity Card Number and the KCCA City Operator Identification Number, and attach a copy of the vehicle logbook or a sales agreement, a copy of the driver's licence and proof of PSV tax payments.

Traffic police commander for Kampala, Norman Musinga and his deputy, Dennis Namuwooza led forces that raided parks where several taxis were found loading without route charts and impounded them.
On Thursday evening, passengers were stranded in seversl taxi parks around Kampala with just a few taxis available to carry them.