Jinja RDC Sakwa Relieved of his duties until further notice

Posted: 2020-05-08T13:53:26Z
Jinja RDC Sakwa Relieved of his duties until further notice

Troubles for Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa are far from over after he was interdicted from the job and directed to handover to the Jinja District Internal Security Officer, DISO.

A document written and signed by Haji Kakande Yunus the Secretary office of the president which is the appointing authority, indicates that the due to his recent arrest and charge of robbery and manslaughter, he has to be indicted.

This is in accordance with section F-S paragraph 8 of the Public Service Standing Orders (2010). “You are hereby interdicted in your position as a Resident District Commissioner and therefore barred from exercising the powers and functions of your office with immediate effect” the letter reads.

Sakwa was arrested, charged and sent to prison only to be granted bail later for the murder of a businessman during one of the operations led by the RDC. 

During the time of interdiction, Sakwa cannot exercise duties of his office as RDC, cannot leave the country without clearance from Secretary, office of the President and he shall receive half salary, subject to a refund of the other half, in case the interdiction is lifted and the charges dropped.

“You are required to handover any government property in your possession in accordance with the laid down procedures and regulations” the letter says.
Sakwa also has to handover office to the District Security Officer Jinja who will in addition to his schedule of duties perform the responsibilities of the RDC Jinja until otherwise advised or decided accordingly.