New Presidential Directives take effect tomorrow May 6th, Trade Minister Clarifies on Garages, Wholesale shops

Posted: 2020-05-05T12:51:23Z Read: 1,810 times
New Presidential Directives take effect tomorrow May 6th, Trade Minister Clarifies on Garages, Wholesale shops

Only wholesale shops specifically dealing in essential products such as food stuffs, medicines, Agriculture inputs and veterinary shops are allowed to operate, the minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde has clarified.

The minister also says that since garages were opened, spare parts shops are also to open to supply the garages with the necessary equipment. However, standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be adhered to in managing all the above operations. 

The previous guidelines that were issued on April 14th 202 for a 21 day lock down are still operational until today May, 05th, 2020. Therefore the extended 14days commence tomorrow 06th May 2020 not today, as many had thought.

The development comes after police deployed heavily around Kissekka market on Tuesday morning, to stop shop owners from opening for business today.

“As we continue to patrol and enforcing the Presidential directives, we are paying keen interest in areas that may have misunderstood the directives e.g Kiseka market. These are spare part shops and not garages.  Garages are known and licensed by KCCA. Makeshift repairers by the road side are illegal and unlicensed by KCCA” Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson said.

On Monday night, President Yoweri Museveni extended the lockdown brought about by COVID-19, for 14 more days, starting tomorrow. 

In his address, the President directed that the following businesses be opened; Agriculture Sector to open, Food markets, Essential whole sale shops such as veterinary, medicine and agricultural inputs Industry sector, Hardware shops, Metal works, wood works, warehouses Services sector, Insurance providers, Quotas of lawyers to be permitted to work ( 30 in number to be coordinated by Uganda Law Society), Restaurants but only for take away, Garages, and Spare parts outlets.

However, the ‘status-quo’ Public and private cars still not operational, only vehicles with stickers to move, Schools plus other facilities that attract large numbers to stay closed, Airport and borders stay closed Transport. 

To facilitate those working, use of branded buses by Companies for the employees; individuals could either walk, or cycle to work.