President Museveni Appoints COVID-19 Fund Committee, tasks them to collect UGX170 Billion

Posted: 2020-05-04T07:34:36Z Read: 1,429 times
President Museveni Appoints COVID-19 Fund Committee, tasks them to collect UGX170 Billion

President Yoweri Museveni has appointed 15 people to an establishment dubbed National Response Fund to COVID-19. 

The committee made up of members ranging from politicians, scholars, businessmen, medical practitioners among others, is tasked with mobilizing resources for fighting against COVID-19 Pandemic and enable provision of relief to the vulnerable Ugandans.

Members on the committee include; Mary Karoro Okurut the minister for general duties in OPM who will act as the political oversight, Emmanuel Katongo the CEO Cipla Chemicals who is also chairperson of the committee, Robert Kabushenga, Apollo Makubuya, Francis Kamulegeya, Kishor Jobanputra, Patrick Mweheire and Bwoch Gustavas as members.

The other members include; Bishop Joshua Lwere, Aga Ssekalala, Ian Clarke, Francis Omaswa, Keith Muhakanizi, Dr. Diana Atwiine and Dorothy Kisaka.
According to the document released by Office of the Prime Minister on Sunday, the total of donations from the citizens and well-wishers to date, is Ugandan Shillings 21 billion; 7 billion in cash at hand, 4 billion in cash pledges, 50 motor vehicles valued at 5 billion, and Food stuffs, medical supplies all valued at 5 billion. 

Now, the goal of this new committee is to collect 170 billion shillings to be utilized by the health ministry for test kits, PPEs, and other medical needs of the ministry and government.

They will also raise 10 motor vehicles for each district of Uganda to enable health workers quickly respond to any emergency. Last week, President Museveni donated 1.4 million shillings to the task force to help in the fight against COVID-19.

“Our appeal now is that we emulate the president’s example and contribute part of our salary as a donation to COVID-19 Fund. This appeal goes to all salary earners, civil servants, business people, and those in the private sector. We call upon all citizens to participate, including; Cabinet Ministers, Members of parliament, members of the Judiciary, Permanet Secretaries, UnderSecretaries, Directors, Commissioners and all Senior Civil servants as well as all leaders of Local Government structures” the letter from OPM reads. 

Tuesday marks the 21st day of the second phase of lockdown, and hopefully the last. The president who is meeting with cabinet members on Monday morning, will address the nation at 8PM with new guidelines.

He will announce either the end or extension of the lock down. Uganda has registered 88 COVID-19 cases and zero deaths.