What Africell Uganda is doing in response to coronavirus

Posted: 2020-04-09T08:13:03Z Read: 1,942 times
What Africell Uganda is doing in response to coronavirus

As the country continues to battle with Corona virus( Covid-19), one of the leading telecommunication companies, Africell Uganda has decided to make life easier for it's customers.

Under the campaign dubbed "Covid 19 is affecting all of us", Africell is determined to provide the fastest and the most reliable network in Uganda.

It is working night and day to maintain first and reliable services and to help it's customers do what is needed to be done to keep safe and  healthy in these hard times.

Africell  unveiled various options for it's customers to help them work from home and reduce their chances of catching Covid-19.

"Together, we will overcome this by understanding the risks, behaving carefully and supporting each other, we will help to keep Uganda safe and healthy. Responsibly for this belongs to everyone. Africell most important priority is the well being of our people and customers.

To support Uganda's National crisis response, Africell has taken immediate steps to optimize our services and raise urgent Covid-19 awareness. You may notice some changes but these are designed to keep you safe and healthy while improving your daily mobile experience. More than ever, we are working hard to deliver Uganda's fastest and most reliable mobile network," the statement  read.

In addition, Africell Uganda outlined a number of steps they have taken in response to Covid-19  and they include; 

1.#Stayhome Bonuses: Africell launched offers of data and voice bundles which encourage customers to stay home while communicating with friends, loved ones and colleagues.


2.#StaySafe Campaign: Awareness being a key weapon in fighting Covid-19, Africell will continue to provide constant flow of trustworthy news and information on the Radio, Social media and Africell website.  
The mobile customers will enjoy free access to essential websites  related to health, media, information, e-learning and government such as www.who.int or www.academia.edu without using any data.


3. Emergency Connectedness. 
Africell also launched a nationwide free emergency communication pack comprised of free 20 minutes and 20Mb valid for 3 months. This has been done because Africell as a company understands the importance of being connected during emergencies.


4. Better Network Capacity.
 Africell has added on their network capacity to enable people stay connected with their loved ones and emergency services. The network is able to withstand extra demand as more people work from home.


5. More Customer service Options.

Africell reduced physical service centers in the country, and increased the range of alternative channels through which customers can buy or recharge mobile services. These include;
Digital Channels: Web top -up at www.africell.ug
Special Partners: Payway agents, Trade Lance( *252#), Ezze money, Africa is Talking(*284#) and MTN mobile money agents country wide.
Banking Partners: Stanbic Bank, Top Finance, GT Bank and Equity Bank.


6. Eliminated Fees on Africell Money. It has totally eliminated fees on all peer to peer transactions conducted through the Africell money services regardless of the value of the transactions. This has been done to cut need for customers to handle potentially unhygienic cash.


7. Strict Hygiene and Sanitation. 
Africell has imposed strict hygiene and sanitation measures at all the service centers and also enforced  limitation on the number of people permitted within confined spaces at a single time. This has been done in line with the government advice.