Parliament Denies Blacklisting Troublesome Political Activists

Posted: 2020-02-26T12:38:27Z Read: 731 times
Parliament Denies Blacklisting Troublesome Political Activists

The  Head of Security at Parliament, Annabelle Nyiramahoro has dismissed reports that Political activists who have turned violent and on several occasions led groups that have attacked parliament and its members in the past, will not be allowed to set foot within its precincts.
She calls the allegation baseless saying that, one of them was in Parliament a week ago after going through the necessary security checks that every person undergoes.
According to the activists, Parliament blacklisted all those who have previously led protests around the house and other parts of Kampala, especially those famous for using pigs as their mode of protest. 
Moses Bigirwa, Norman Tumuhimbise, Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Kitonsa among others, are known for leading demonstrations through which painted piglets were dumped near the Parliament gate. 
This group is specifically led by Bigirwa with the help of Norman Tumuhimbise, while  Muhammad Ssegirinya a KCCA councillor is famous for buying and distributing red ribbons at the Parliament gate. 
Speaking to journalists, Bigirwa confirmed that his last attempt to enter parliament was futile because there was no guarantee that he would not cause chaos or disrupt the proceedings of Parliament.  
Meanwhile, Muhammad Segirinya says he has been trying to petition the Speaker, meet with MPs over issues of corruption, torture of Ugandans and mistreatment of workers abroad, only to be reminded that he is mischievous and denied access to the precincts. 
Activists were blacklisted for abusing sections of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act, that bar people from creating any disturbance which interrupts or is likely to interrupt parliamentary proceedings. 
The most recent events were of two men who attempted to disrupt the house by protesting against corruption in the middle of plenary. The red top brigade members, Dafala Ssenjako and Charles Mutasa Kafeero have since been brought to court.