Gen Biraro Laid to rest, described as patriotic leader 

Posted: 2020-02-17T07:23:31Z Read: 1,645 times
Gen Biraro Laid to rest, described as patriotic leader 

Former Presidential candidate Gen. Benon Biraro was on Sunday laid to rest with neautiful eulogies including that of the Peoples President Dr. Kizza Besigye at the late General's home in Masha, Isingiro District.

Dr. Besigye said 'Benon' and he were friends and comrades. "We were united by our desire to fight Injustice. We both loved to see justice in our country" he said.
Adding that those who claim to love NRM today more than them that shed blood to bring into power, you are liars.

"NRM was us. We campaigned for it when you didn't like it; we supported and loved Gen. Museveni when you didn't and we invested our time and Personal resources to campaign for him because we had aspirations" Dr. Besigye added. 

He said that most Ugandans who claim to support Gen. Museveni and NRM only do it because you benefit from them and that what the late Benon and him were fighting for is justice so that they can live decently and with equal opportunities in Uganda.

Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin. One cannot function without the other.

"I am here to send off Gen. Biraro because, as a friend and colleague, we have passed through many difficult situations pursuing peace and justice for Ugandans in Uganda". 

The three time presidential contender said that Gen. Biraro has faded before they both could achieve it. But the struggle will go until we liberate the country.
'Gen. Biraro has gone as friend and I salute you. Go well, sleep well, sleep in Peace Gen."

Other people who eulogized Gen. Biraro are Gen. Mugisha Muntu who said that change will happen and nobody will stop it. Gen. Muntu added that President Museveni should stop disrespecting women and men in uniform by referring to them as his army.

"When I went to the bush I didn't go to fight for an individual, I went to fight for a cause. So when we were NRA, we were not a personal army but a National army. When it turned into UPDF as it is now, it is not a person's army, it is a national army and we will do everything humanly possible to ensure that comes into reality" he noted.

The Alliance for National Transformation President remembered the late Biraro as a patriot who served his country diligently and amidst all the temptations of power, who has passed on by God's Grace before bowing to the sense of entitlement that many within their ranks who fought the Bush war succumbed to. 
In his message read by Gen. Elly Tumwine the security Minister, President Museveni described Gen. Biraro as one of the Patriotic leaders, Uganda has ever had. 

However, Joy Biraro the deceased's widow told mourners, that in 2015 when her husband had retired from the army, their house was swept and all his guards taken away. She painfully narrated that her husband would open own gate with no help until one month ago when the Chief of defense forces, CDF Gen. David Muhoozi visited and decided to give them guards. She added that her husband had money to help with treatment of the cancer of the colon that he succumbed to, but that he got tired of treatment.

"I read in the media, the Red pepper that Benin lacked, he never lacked. He believed in God for healing. He never lacked in anyway, those are false statements" Joy added