Vivo Energy Uganda celebrates road safety excellence at Drivers and Hauliers’ Award Ceremony

Posted: 2020-02-09T19:19:54Z
Vivo Energy Uganda celebrates road safety excellence at Drivers and Hauliers’ Award Ceremony

Vivo Energy Uganda, the distributor and marketer of Shell branded fuels and lubricants in Uganda, has today recognised over 400 high performing truck drivers and 4 transporters at its annual award ceremony, held at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala, under the theme: “Goal Zero, My Lifestyle.”

The Drivers’ League was formed in 2002 with the objective of inspiring drivers to better road safety behaviour and compliance while delivering fuel products. The league measures drivers’ performance on a day to day basis and culminates in an annual award ceremony at the start of every year, held by Vivo Energy Uganda.

The theme ‘Goal Zero, my lifestyle’ calls for a personal commitment to each of the drivers, their peers and families to embrace best practices in ensuring Goal Zero and adopt them in their day to day lives.

This year’s overall winner, Kaddu Mayanja, was recognized for driving safely without violating any driving requirement set throughout 2019, on time product deliveries and for the highest score in the drivers’ league. He exhibited good road user behaviour and a high level of professionalism, thereby maintaining a zero incident record on the road throughout the year.

At the ceremony, Vivo Energy Uganda also recognized the achievements and support of the transporter companies whose services it employs. Fred Sebyala Transporters (FST) was announced the over best transporter for 2019. A moment of silence was observed to memorise and honour Mr. Edward Mulindwa, the former Managing Director of FST who passed away on 6th January 2020.

Several other awards were presented to high-performing drivers and hauliers.

Mr. Gilbert Assi, Managing Director, Vivo Energy Uganda said: “Our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest international safety standards is a key differentiator for Vivo Energy Uganda. This is evidenced by our prioritization of Goal Zero, which means zero harm to people, assets and the environment in all our operations. This award ceremony is an opportunity to recognise and motivate our drivers’ commitment to health and safety on the road through the celebration and reward for the fantastic record of each our excelling drivers and companies.”

“In 2019, our five efficient transporters made it possible to transport Shell petroleum products with over 360 trucks, over a distance of over 14 million kilometres and a cumulative Goal Zero achievement, without a single incident. As a company that has been recently triple certified by the International Standards Organisation, the obligation for us to maintain set standards in occupational health and safety, the environment and in quality management has never been greater. This is what sets us apart in the market as leader and trend setter.” said Mr. Assi.

The drivers’ performance is scored on a monthly basis, with quarterly awards that culminate in an annual recognition. The drivers are categorised in classes A, B and C, depending on how they perform.

The other three drivers awarded were Billow Mohammed Ibrahim from SIBED, James Mutuku Mbedi from Multiple Hauliers East Africa Limited and Kikomeko Daniel from Fred Sebyala Transporters. A total of over 400 drivers were also recognised for great performance and achieving the Class A category and these all walked away with an assortment of prizes.