Panic at Uganda-DRC border points as the latter registers new Ebola cases

Posted: 2019-12-23T09:42:27Z
Panic at Uganda-DRC border points as the latter registers new Ebola cases

Communities living at the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda have been cautioned to take extra precaution during this festive season after new Ebola cases were registered in the neighboring DRC.

According to the health ministry, at least 55 new Ebola cases have been reported in DRC since December 1, 2019. 

The World Health Organisation Ebola situational reports indicate that the 55 cases mark an increase in the number of cases recorded compared to those in November, 2019, with an average of seven Ebola cases recorded in November in the areas of Beni, Mabalako, Mandima and Oicha.  

Dr. Ruth Aceng the Health Minister says it is very important for people to take extra caution during this festive season as they celebrate the birth of Jesus with their relatives. "The Ebola outbreak is still on-going and as such Uganda remains at risk due to its proximity to DRC and the affected areas," Dr. Aceng said.  

More than 2900 people have succumbed to Ebola and Beni is one of the most affected areas. It is located at least 500km from Uganda. Among those infected are health workers, most of whom are traditional healers.

Currently, the Health Ministry is carrying out screening at major points of entry at different border points and airport.

At least 2000 Congolese Nationals cross into Uganda during market days.