Residents worried over Boda Boda Cyclist Murder 

Posted: 2019-07-16T10:06:45Z Read: 991 times
Residents worried over Boda Boda Cyclist Murder 

Resident of Ntinda village in Iganga municipality are living in fear, after one of their own, Steven Ndobe, a Bodaboda rider was murdered by unknown people. 
Farmers sighted his body which was found dumped in Walugogo wetland on Monday.

Police says Ndobe’s body had several wounds on the head and back. According to available information, the deceased was hired by two unidentified men around 10pm on Saturday night to take them to unidentified location.

According to Paul Mukisa the deceased’s boss, says the thugs appear to have fled with the Bajaj boxer registration number UES 558G the deceased was riding after killing him. Mukisa explains that they got concerned when the deceased didn’t return home on Sunday, which was unusual. 

The deceased’s wife tried calling his phone but there was no reply and became suspicious, reported the matter to the local authorities. However, a security guard picked the deceased’s bloodstained clothes and phone and notified the authorities who handed the recovered items to police. The deceased’s father, Paul Kiyuba faults police for not treating the death of his son with the urgency it deserves.

He allegedly reported the matter to police on Sunday but wasn’t given any necessary updates on the case. Angry cyclists from Iganga municipality who gathered where the deceased’s body was recovered expressed fear for the rampant murders of their colleagues. 

The cyclists and residents want government to install CCTV cameras along the highway and within the municipality to track the killers.  

The Busoga East police spokesperson James Mubi says police is working out a coordinated approach involving police and cyclists at the sub-county level, which will play the role of watchdog to ensure the safety of all motorists in the district.