Uganda Airlines ready to start flights this month

Posted: 2019-07-08T14:39:52Z
Uganda Airlines ready to start flights this month

The Uganda National Airlines will at the end of this month begin its regional flights as earlier scheduled. 

According to an insider from the Airline, the first flights will be to 7 regional destinations, starting with Nairobi, Dar-Es-Salam and Mogadishu, while Bujumbura, Juba, Kilimanjaro and Mombasa will come next.

The national carrier will receive the Air Operatiors Certificate, AOC mid this month and officially roll out flights to the different destinations. So far, the Airline has received authorization from Mogadishu, as they await confirmation from other destinations.

An official from the Airline intimated to Howwe.Biz, that they will keep their promise of taking to the air this month. 

The airline recently contracted Abbavater Group, a regional Public relations firm to manage its image. Currently, several service providers including caterers and designers have been contracted to offer services. These include;  city fashion Guru Silyvia Owori who is designing uniforms for hostesses and captains.

Many a Ugandan have been worried about the national carrier which was revived in April this year after 15 years since the defunct Air Uganda. The Airline enters a competitive market with Rwanda Air, Air Tanzania, KQ and Ethiopian Airlines being their biggest competition. 

With several airlines in Africa making losses, many Ugandans fear, the same fate could befall Uganda Airlines. During the launch on April 23rd, hon. Monica Azuba Ntege  the minister for works and transport told Ugandans that the two bombardiers will take to the air in July, 90 days after arrival. A third bombardier is also expected to arrive this month, while the fourth one will come later this year.

The Airline will also receive airbuses which are expected to fly long routes in 2020. These will fly to Kinshasa, Abuja in Nigeria, Johannesburg, China, Middle East among other international destinations.