FDC Speaks out on fresh Bank of Uganda Saga

Posted: 2019-06-17T13:39:44Z
FDC Speaks out on fresh Bank of Uganda Saga

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC party has condemned government for failure to prosecute corrupt officials who have been robbing the central Bank of monies.

Addressing the press at the party offices in Najjanankumbi, FDC deputy secretary general Harold Kaija said the theft has been ongoing for years, including the inflated prices of pens, the Bagenda probe and now alleged printing of UGX 90bn.

Kaija says that because the government is collapsing, such irregularities pass without prosecution of the culprits.

“Somebody must come out clean and explain why these things happen. You print money, chatter a plane to carry it. These guys are thugs, that Ugandans must come out and show them exit” Kaija said.

He added that in Uganda’s economy, every big building is owned by public servants, yet they are not supposed to be that rich. “It is in the private sector where businessmen invest to make money. But here you find a public servant richer than people in the private sector” he added.

Kaija says Ugandans are going to be slaves in their country until the chase the current government of power, as those who are rich will now start stealing and carrying money in bullion vans.

He called upon members of the media to pick interest in such issues in order to save Ugandans who have no idea about the mafias that are eating away their country. 

On the issue of the budget, which was read last week, Kaija said the country is in debt as the budget is bigger than money this country can raise. “We shall be picking another 9 trillion from foreigners, where they give us a rabbit and we give them cars in return” he said.