Police warns against child abuse during school holiday

Posted: 2019-05-07T07:42:25Z Read: 650 times
Police warns against child abuse during school holiday

Uganda police force has warned parents and children who are on holiday to remember that child abuse especially sexual abuse is on the raise and they should be careful.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says child neglect is a criminal offence, urging parents to protect their children from abusers.

According to Enanga, in the 2016-17 annual crime report, 5700 cases of defilement of your girls were registered, the police recorded 9000 child neglect cases, 1900 child desertion cases, 740 child abuse (emotional, physical and psychological) and 2400 missing children were also reported.

Enanga says some parents are not showing their children love but instead swear at them, which affects them psychologically. He added that some parents desert their children who are born with disorders and this is very dangerous.

"You as a parent or caretaker, continuously ignore your child, swearing at them, and you make children feel unwanted. Try to show your children that they are loved. This business of whithholding love affects them. Sometimes it is because of disability, gender and sexuality. Please take not of this" Enanga warned. 

He says during holidays, parents should do everything possible to protect their children from the abusers who could be relatives, neighbors, teachers or even strangers. 

He encouraged children to report any abuse to the police family protection department so that their abusers can be dealt with.