Police investigates disappearance, resurfacing of Commercial Court Official 

Posted: 2019-04-05T13:38:44Z
Police investigates disappearance, resurfacing of Commercial Court Official 

A search for commercial court registrar Vincent Mugabo who was reported missing since Wednesday has been called off by police after he mysteriously returned home from an alleged 10 hour prayer session.

Mugabo was reported missing by Solomon Muyita judiciary spokesperson when he disappeared after handling a session at the Commercial Court and left both his official and private cars in commercial court parking before taking a motorcycle to an unknown destination.  

However, his family confirmed to police and the judiciary that the registrar suddenly resurfaced at his home this morning nearly 10 hours after his disappearance.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson said Mugabo is safely home.  According to Muyita he had taken time off to engage in prayers.

"We wish to clarify that Mr Vincent Emmy Mugabo, Registrar Supreme Court/PRO Judiciary, who had been reported missing, is alive and very well. He had just taken off quiet time to engage in personal prayers. All concern for the safety of our officers is highly appreciated!," Muyita said in a statement this afternoon.

Police, according to Onyango, was working with other security agencies to search for the registrar and has since called off the search but maintains investigation into what led to his disappearance.