Museveni tells MPs to plan for their constituents, stay away from youth and women monies

Posted: 2019-03-15T10:48:44Z
Museveni tells MPs to plan for their constituents, stay away from youth and women monies

Members of Parliament have been challenged to stop talking and act on economic improvement in their constituencies. The call was made by president Yoweri Museveni while presiding over at the opening ceremony of the NRN parliamentary caucus retreat at the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.

The president lashed at MPs who keep asking for money to give to constituents which money is in turn shared by a few people and no development is generated. He gave an example of Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa the government chief whip who formulated 13 groups of youths, women, hoteliers, boda boda riders among others.

The president says he spent more than 400 millions to finance the Saacos formed by these people. He noted that all MPs should encourage constituents to form Saccos and contribute some money before receiving loans. 

Mr. Museveni directed his legislators to stop encouraging their constituents to share money amongst each other which they end up misusing the finances. He also urged legislators to work with parish chiefs to donaudits of households and find away of planning for them. 

"Stop talking and talking, carry out household audits and encourage the people to join and contribute to SACCOS. Whoever does not want to join can leave. No loans should be given to those who have not contributed" the president said. 

The president challenged all MPs to act and see if his government will not fund them. He says they are targeting financing of youth ventures and attracting more investors. He reiterated that skilling of youths is being done and should no longer be an excuse. 

He says MPs should not manage distribution of this money because they do not have time. He says they should just monitor.

He asked the Prime Minister to inform legislators when this money is released so they can monitor its distribution and use. 

"Let the cooks cook, let supervisors supervise" he told them.

The retreat running under the theme; "Industrialization for job creation and shared prosperity" will run until Wednesday 39th March 2019.