Museveni will go like Bongo if he does not step down- FDC warns

Posted: 2019-01-07T09:17:10Z
Museveni will go like Bongo if he does not step down- FDC warns

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC party spokesperson Hon. Ssemujju Nganda has advised President Yoweri Museveni to take lessons from the coup in Gabon where military took over country in a coup last evening.

Military says it has seized power in oil-rich Gabon, where the ailing leader's family has ruled for 50 years. Soldiers in the west African country of Gabon say they launched a coup "to restore democracy".

President Ali Bongo took over power in 2009. He reportedly suffered a stroke in October and received treatment in Morocco.

Mr Bongo sought to put an end to the rumours about his health with a New Year message in which he said he was feeling fine.

Soldiers said they had been disappointed by the message, calling it "a pitiful sight" and a "relentless attempt to cling onto power."

Now, Hon. Nganda says the 74-year-old Museveni should change and walk away before an uprising happens in Uganda which may lead to end of his regime.
He also warned that if President Museveni does not arrest the situation before it is worse, Uganda will end up like Sudan, Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo where citizens have been waiting for election results for over 7 days.

“This pretense of Museveni of I am in charge, I don’t want to go, I am still here. At 74 Museveni has only one way to go. If he doesn’t want to go peacefully, maybe he will be discussing Uganda on his death bed like Bongo. So please Mr. Museveni wherever you are, please help this country we will all pay the price like Congolese for every extra day you finish in power, even your children will pay the price” Nganda warned.

The party spokesperson says if Museveni does not leave peacefully this year, they will invite Ugandans to rise up against the man that has taken away their prosperity.

He also proposed that if Museveni does not want to be chased like Bashir, 2019 could be made a year of constitutional reforms.