Besigye says 2018 was more tragic than past years

Posted: 2018-12-22T09:55:20Z
Besigye says 2018 was more tragic than past years

2018 has been a year of struggle for justice as have been the other years, Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye the former presidential candidate has said. Dr. Beisgye was addressing the press in Kampala this morning when he explained that as how the past years were very problematic, so has been this year, if not worse. 

He was especially hinting on the different by-elextions in different districts and municipalities that took place this year. "Our challenge as political actors is conducted through the public expressing themselves on how they are governed from time to time. This year, all the elections we had were as problematic as in the past if not worse. All the elections won by prodemocratic forces were extremely problematic" he noted.

Dr. Besigye added that this year showed continued abuse of human rights and court processes with many people tortured in prison, others wrongfully arrested and then tortured. "This now became a matter of international concern."

He added that courts continued to be used by the 'NRM Junt' especially the army court whixhnis used to try civilians, citing the example of Bobi Wine who was held and even arraigned before court martial but later released without charge in the aftermath of the August 2018 Arua elections where one person was killed.

On the issue of murder, Besigye hinted on the unfairness of police and courts that charged hon. Nambooze Bakileke for the murder of former Aria MP, Ibrahim Abiroga. He says gun violence has increased and women murders also continued. 

"This year has witnessed unprecedented number of deaths from accidents, which we believe some of them are preventable, including the recent deaths non L. Victoria. The recent even attracted attention because of famous people on it, but there are people dying on different lakes everyday when their boats capsize.

The former FDC president says it is normal for Uganda when over 40 doe in an accident and no formal inquiry is made. He wondered how some government officials could shamelessly misuse funds for Bududa victims