Uganda focuses 16 Days activism campaign on Gender Based Violence at Workplaces

Posted: 2018-12-04T10:50:23Z Read: 889 times
Uganda focuses 16 Days activism campaign on Gender Based Violence at Workplaces

Uganda’s main focus in the 16 days of activism is ending gender based violence at work in a bid to emphasize on work places as a critical space that needs to be safe for everyone.

Peace Mutuuzo, the state minister for gender and culture says work places, be they formal or informal, home based or outside the home, are central to sustaining the livelihoods of all persons. 

“This year we observe the 16 days campaign while focusing on GBV at the place of work” she said.

This year’s theme is; “End Gender Based Violence in the work place.” 

According to the minister, gender based violence at the work place is a violation of human rights, a threat to workers’ security and health. 

Hon. Mutuuzo adds that the risk of exposure to violence is often greater in jobs and sectors where work is informal or precarious or requiring unskilled labor, where wages are low, where workers are stopped from joining or forming labour unions, and where management accountability and supervision is low. 

She explains that the National Employment Policy for Uganda 2011 aims at providing decent, remunerative employment for all including women in conditions of freedom, equity and human dignity. 
The ministry of Gender, Labour and social development has developed guidelines for social safeguards and addressing GBV at workplaces.

The ministry has now signed an MOU with UNRA and the energy sector to ensure violence against children and GBV are adequately addressed at project sites and workplaces. They agreed on the following in the MOU;

That workers should be given a chance to raise their voices and demand for policies on workplace violence to be put in action, all workplaces should design workplace related policies and standards to address Gender Based Violence.
Also, ensure that workplace inspection tools and guidelines incorporate assessment of GBV and measures for redress. 

The launch of 16 days against gender based violence campaign will be held tomorrow Wednesday 5th December 2018 at the National Theatre in Kampala.