Finally; Boat wreckage retrieved from L. Victoria

Posted: 2018-11-29T15:08:08Z Read: 2,682 times
Finally; Boat wreckage retrieved from L. Victoria

Police and UPDF Marines have finally managed to retrieve the MV-KPALM boat which capsized and killed 33 people over the weekend. Efforts to retrieve the boat started on Monday and several means were tried until today when chains and other machines were borrowed from the Uganda railways. 

However, the boat is yet to get to the shores but currently, it is a few meters to the ground. Three chains were tied on the boat and tractors to help with the exercise, however one broke and the marines are still trying to get this done. It is expected that if the boat fails to get to the shores, police will summon MV-Kalangala to try again and then it will be cut into pieces.

Earlier this afternoon, Asuman Mugenyi the police head of operations said they had spotted some body parts under the wreckage which they are going to try and retrieve them. He further says they will check all the cabins to see if some revelers hid while panicking during the accident and failed to find a way out.

In the meantime, some properties including hand bags, phones and shoes plus IDs among others were also found under the lake. Mugenyi says they picked a simcard and used it in a working phone, but when the call was made, family members said the owner was still missing.

Also, police has setup inquiry desks at the CPS Kampala and Mukono police station for relatives and witnesses to seek any help. Mugenyi also confirmed that residents of Mutima beach where the rescue operation has been taking place since Saturday are threatening to sue them, but urged them to go ahead.

“They are not suing me, I am Asuman Mugenyi, I have not committed any offence. They only requested that we compensate them for the damages. They say we have stepped on their grass because of our uniforms that this season they get many people visiting.

I have advised them to write to relevant offices that will come and assist and handle. But they cannot sue me, police or UPDF because we never caused this accident” he argues.