Parliament demands report detailing death of Kirumira murder suspect

Posted: 2018-10-05T08:57:13Z
Parliament demands report detailing death of Kirumira murder suspect

Members sitting on Parliament's Defense Committee want security agencies to present them a report detailing how Abdul Katerega, a key suspect in the murder of former Buyende DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira was killed. 

Katerega was shot dead during a joint operation on Saturday when security agencies raided a suspected terror cell in Namungoona, a Kampala suburb. During the raid, Katerega was killed and 9 people arrested.

While appearing for an interface with the committee members, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola and other police officers on the security situation were tasked to explain the details of the said operation.

The order was made by Defence Committee Chairperson Doreen Amule who said police must table a report on Katerega's murder.

This was supported by Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo who criticized the manner in which the operation was conducted saying it did not sound convincing. He also wondered how Police officers would use their phones to take photos of someone they claimed to be a high-level terrorist, blaming them for being negligent with the life of Katerega. 

"That was negligence. If he was indeed a terrorist, you should have attempted to make him alive, because it is better to get more information from him," said Ssekikubo.