Security Minister warns; we shall not tolerate this reckless trend 

Posted: 2018-08-22T14:08:29Z
Security Minister warns; we shall not tolerate this reckless trend 

Security Minister, Gen. Elly Tumwine has blamed Arua incident that left one person dead on the opposition whom he alleges ferried in hooligans from different parts of the country.

Gen. Tumwine made the revelation while presenting a statement on security before parliament this afternoon. He also told the house that the situation in Arua municipality was already intense before campaigns, following the assassination of late Col. Ibrahim Abiriga.

The security minister blamed opposition supporters of turning rowdy and threatening members of the public during the “illegal” rallies called by their leaders. Adding that these threats were by words and actions, including physical assaults, destruction of property and rape because of their different political affiliations.

“The situation in Arua was already delicate even before the by-election was conducted following the killing of Col. Abiriga. Some players in the Opposition opted to hold illegal processions, involving imported rowdy people who engaged in acts of hooliganism that disrupted campaigns of other candidates in Arua” he said.

Gen. Tumwine stressed that the role of security forces is to keep Ugandans and their properties safe, and that is what they are doing. He warned that recklessness will not be tolerated. 

“It is the duty of our security forces to defend the country, its sovereignty, and territorial integrity. The reckless trend has no place in our democracy and cannot be tolerated” Gen. Tumwine said.

One person was killed and scores injured in Arua during the final campaign rallies. Members of parliament were arrested including the winner of this election Kassiano Wadri. He is yet to be sworn in, as he remains in jail to date.