Drama in Kawempe as Voters Boycott LC I Elections

Posted: 2018-07-11T14:53:00Z Read: 741 times
Drama in Kawempe as Voters Boycott LC I Elections

Drama has ensued in Nakamiro Village in Bwaise II Parish in Kawempe division in Kampala after voters boycotted the election of the LC I chairperson due to elimination of their favorite candidate from the register.  

The development followed an announcement by Paul Kiruta the presiding officer, that Deo Ssenkungu’s an independent candidate had been eliminated from voter's register following a complaint from James Zziwa, his rival.  

Zziwa allegedly complained to the Commission that Ssenkungu was a nonresident who should not have been allowed to stand for election. This did not go down well with his supporters who demanded that the Commission reinstates Senkungu's name on the register or else the voting exercise is stopped. 

When things started getting out of hand, the presiding officer fled from the polling station under the police protecting amidst jubilation from Senkungu's supporters.   In a dramatic way voters then asked their candidate to stand and they lined behind him, saying he is their chairperson. 

Senkungu expressed displeasure with the Commission for deleting his name from the register on the polling day without any formal communication, arguing that Kiruta presided over his nomination and shouldn't have cancelled his name from the register, adding that he is a bonafide resident of the area and has been serving as acting LC I chairperson.