Ugandans urged to embrace physical fitness

Posted: 2018-07-09T08:23:14Z Read: 1,225 times
Ugandans urged to embrace physical fitness

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed happiness at the launch of the National Physical fitness campaign that is meant to encourage Ugandans to keep fit and healthy.

Speaking at the inaugural event at Kololo airstrip in Kampala on Sunday, the president urged Ugandans of all age groups to accustom their bodies to physical fitness through regular exercises in order to hade off unnecessary body fat. He argued that the practice helps in keeping the body healthy and prolongs one’s life span.

“I have been called here to show you that this country has moved a step ahead in health sector. For the first time, many people no longer die of immunizable diseases. Instead, people die from Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs)” Mr. Museveni said.

Hundreds of Ugandans converged at Kololo on Sunday morning for the launch of the campaign, which health minister Hon. Sarah Opendi said would help encourage Ugandans to embrace physical fitness exercise activities on a daily. She said the health ministry will also install equipment for physical exercise in the Capital City Kampala and provide physical fitness reading materials as well.

At the same event, President Yoweri Museveni appended his signature to the fight against NCDs campaign launch as a commitment to be physically active to sop NCDs in the country and expressed strong hope that the launch would awaken Ugandans.

Mr. Museveni who was the chief walker, flagged off the mass walk that covered 10.5 kilometers from Kololo through lugogo by-pass, Jinja and Kampala Roads up to Sheraton hotel, the Golf course, Babiiha Avenue and back to Kololo grounds. 
The president congratulated participants for the exercise and determination not to take excess food and become inactive.