Shame as Residents demand transfer of area Police in charge

Posted: 2018-07-04T11:31:54Z Read: 952 times
Shame as Residents demand transfer of area Police in charge

Drama has ensued as infuriated residents of Amida Sub-County in Kitgum district demand the removal of the In Charge of the police post in their area for alleged abuse of office and condoning crime.

According to residents Sergeant David Olarcon is a perpetual drunkard, neglects duty and has failed to enforce law and order in the sub county.
Wilfred Nyeko the Sub county LC III Chairperson says the officer has been exhibiting a number of weaknesses including reporting late for work, failure to respond swiftly to incidents and taking long to apprehend suspects.
Olarcon is also accused of releasing suspects from police cells allegedly after pocketing bribes.
Now, enraged residents led by Nyeko want Kitgum District Police Commander, Moses Oola to cause the immediate transfer of the officer to restore the confidence of the public in the force.
However, the officer has dismissed the allegations as baseless, saying they are only meant at tarnishing his name. Olarcon decries the lack of man power at the outpost, which he says frustrates the timely response to reported cases.
He further dismisses accusations of releasing suspects after pocketing bribes and accuses the LC III chairperson of pushing him to do unlawful things. 
Moses Oola the Kitgum District Police Commander has acknowledged receipt of the complaints, saying his office will take up the matter for further investigation for appropriate remedying.