Police Intensifies Search for Prime Suspect in Murder of Monitor Accountant 

Posted: 2018-05-09T10:23:23Z
Police Intensifies Search for Prime Suspect in Murder of Monitor Accountant 

Lillian Najuma a19-year-old female is in hiding after police learned of her involvement in the death of her father, Abel Katende, a former Accountant with Daily Monitor. 

Najuma is implicated in a confession statement made by her 17-year-old brother whose names have been withheld since he is a minor. The brother told police in his confession that the suspect hit their father with the holder of a hoe on the head and left him to bleed to death.

The brother then reportedly helped Najuma to transport their father's body to a pit latrine where it was dumped. In his confession, the teenager explains that on April 27th, 2018, he together with Najuma, Barbara and their mother went to Masuulita to visit their father, pick some food from the garden and drive back to Kasangati.
The deceased relocated to Masuulita in 2016 after his wife and children chased him from their family home in Lutete, Kasangati in Wakiso district. But, when they arrived, they cooked and ate together with Katende. But when it was time to leave, the teenager went out with his father to park things from the garden into the car.
However, "After a few minutes, Najuma called Daddy back into the house that she wanted to tell him something and once he entered, she hit him on the head with the wooden part of the hoe, which she was holding. I ran into the house and daddy was lying in a pool of blood," reads Kaaya's statement in part. 

He narrates that they then put Katende's body in a sack, bundled it on their double cabin truck and forced the 17- year- old who was still in shock to drive up to Lutete in Kasangati. The family agreed that whoever asked about Katende they should say they left him in Masulita trading center.
After the incident, Namugenyi (Katende’s wife) called in someone in the wee hours of the next day, who helped them to widen the hole of their pit latrine where they pushed the deceased's body. The man was called back the next day and given money to buy three kilograms of cement, which he used to construct a slab on the pit latrine.

Yesterday, Namugenyi also decided to cooperate with police and gave her confession statement explaining that contrary to what people were saying, there was no land feud between her and Katende. 

However, Namugenyi says that the only problem she had with the deceased was that he was causing her children bad omen, something that she told her children and they decided to get rid of him. Namugenyi's daughters were experiencing some challenges in their relationship when Katende was killed. 

Former Flying Squad commandant Herbert Muhangi, confirmed that they had gotten confession statements and that they were searching for the prime suspect in the murder.
"The investigations are almost over. Right now we are trailing Najuma and she will soon be in custody," Muhangi said before his transfer message was released. 

Currently, police is holding Katende's estranged wife, Janet Namugenyi, her daughter, Barbara Nalukalu and brother at Kampala Central Police station on tentative charges of murder.