Ntagali Cautions Ugandans On Lifestyle

Posted: 2018-03-29T11:56:30Z
Ntagali Cautions Ugandans On Lifestyle

Promote a culture of life - Ntagali tells ChristiansThis was carried in a communication of the Arch Bishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagari while delivering his Easter message.

Arch Bishop Ntagali said Easter is about life, and that if Christians want eternal life,  they should reject the culture of death around them and instead promote a culture of life. 

"When Jesus destroyed death, he also destroyed the culture of death and opened the way to us of a culture of life" Ntagali added. 

He further talked about the random deaths that have been going on in the country and the delay of solving of who the killers are and bringing them to justice. 
"The increasing number of deaths and the seeming inability to do anything about them is part of our current culture  of death.  This, part of our current culture of death, and it is not the way of Jesus" he noted. 

When hospital workers steal vital drugs to sell elsewhere, that is the culture of death. He further says the culture of families rushing to buy cement and make expensive graves, yet the same amount of money could have saved the the life of the deceased. "The way of Jesus promotes life,  let us also promote a culture of life in our offices, homes and communities. 

The Easter Tridum begins today Holy Thursday until Holy Saturday, in the Most Holy Roman Catholic Church.