Police to Defiance Brigade; we shall deal with you

Posted: 2017-12-22T12:45:47Z
Police to Defiance Brigade; we shall deal with you

Opposition defiance leader, Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye and his brigade has announced a return of the defiance campaign come January 9th 2018.

On Wednesday December 20th 2017, NRM legislators made history when they voted overwhelmingly to amend article 102 b of the constitution scrapping off the presidential age limit. They also voted to remove presidential and parliamentary term limits, hence increasing their term in the house from 5-7 years.

This consequently means the country will not hold general elections in 2021 but rather in 2023. This angered many Ugandans especially from the opposition.
Now, this morning, Dr. Besigye alongside Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, FDC President Patrick Amuriat Oboi, CP’s Ken Lukyamuzi the man among other leaders announced a new campaign to overtake government.

Besigye said what happened on Wednesday is an attack and overthrow of the constitution because of the way it has been done.

“The manner in which the whole matter was handled was one that is consistent with an attack, a violent attack on the constitution” Besigye said.

He condemned what happened on Wednesday and the ‘disgraceful members of parliament’ who voted to amend the constitution. Besigye added that the legislators have committed treason and their names are known. 

“We invite the people of Uganda to do their duty. We fully support the actions of those who have already moved to various courts of law. Preparations are already on going and we would like all those who want their country to take a different path, to prepare to start undertaking the necessary actions with effect from the 9th of January” Besigye announced.

However, the announcement was immediately shot down by Kampala Metropolitan Police commander Frank Mwesigwa who said they will do everything necessary to stop the plans as has been in the past.

He added that defiant opposition leaders cannot be handled peacefully as their means of work are always arrogant.