Zani Lady Outs New Album Featuring Jackie Chandiru

Posted: 2015-12-16T08:05:25Z
Zani Lady Outs New Album Featuring Jackie Chandiru

From her popular song of Ndoowa, Diaspora based singer Zani LadyC is back with a bang after finalizing her new album that features Jackie Chandiru.

The collabo song titled Chimalo is of an up tempo club rhythm genre which happens to be one of the singles from her much anticipated album to be released next year.

She says that the album is inspired by responses from her wanting fans.

‘’I can’t wait to put it out there because its promising I just want to let my fan know that am yet to show up in Uganda next season and we will make it happen.’’ She said.

Zani earlier this year released a single called Golo Golo which received massive reception from her fans thus prompting her to make a grand come back.

Who is Zani Lady C?

Zani Lady-C is a younger sister to renowned dance-hall singer, Shanks Vivie D.

She was born and raised from Uganda but later moved to United States of America in search for a better life.

She is currently a musician, model and film actress based in Hollywood California.

At the age of eight, she started performing in her school choir, youth centers and church choir.

Her love for music at such an early age was inspired by her elder brother Shanks Gumaras a.k.a Shanks Vivie D.

In 1995, Zani was invited by the late Amigo Wawawa and Amos Agaba of Schweppes Uganda to join the famous Waka Waka band.

At Waka Waka, Zani recorded her first singles Sam Twonjiwanga and Yimirira awo. This was her big break through musically.

In 1997, she released more big songs such as Nakoowa and Basemera which went on to become overnight hits. This earned Zani the chance to perform at Sheraton Hotel as a lead singer on several theme nights.

During one of her performances at Sheraton Hotel a visiting producer and talent agent Thomas Posa watched her perform and he was amused by this new talent.