Jay-P: The Leader of the Mainstream

Posted: 2015-11-14T07:42:16Z

How he learned to write and sing main stream hip hop is something we just cannot explain and neither can he.May be it is a gift from God. 

Having been initiated in to hip-hop and popular music in the early-mid 90’s as he sought refuge in music, little did he know that he would actually start doing music. Jay-P’s debut Credibly Evident, a 20 track CD was released to iTunes and other stores.

It features singles such as My City, Change Up, Credibly Evident and N**ga 4 Life. In a nut shell it is about the life tales of a young modern day gangster seeking and paving his way to success while trying to escape a life of crime, lawlessness and recklessness.
To him, hip-hop is a culture he did not invent and cannot run away from either. He intends to keep that culture mainstream as he depicted continually garnering critical acclaim 

Having tried to get a record deal unsuccessfully, Jay-P set out to start a record label, a brand he named Recipe Records popularly known to his peers as “the Recipe”. The motive of creating Recipe Records was to develop and nurture music talent to maturity to a point where their music can be pushed into the market to generate royalties with the focus on mainstream music. He was later joined by one of his peers “Dave” who partnered with him for the love of the game.

Aggravated by the future of his music, Jay-P became increasingly absent from school ultimately being suspended for absenteeism at the age of 17. He engaged in selling drugs to make a quick buck to advance his career. Having become aware of his skills, he realized he did not have to engage in contraband to advance in life thereby investing his all in career development. 

From his first venture Recipe Records, spreading his wings was inevitable, tying his wings not an option. Attributed to his love for music, he is always on the lookout for emerging talent offering avenues to penetrate the main stream

Jay P always wanted to do music he appreciated knowing that it would be appreciated by others an indicator of how confident he was in his taste of music. Making music that can penetrate the world, from the ghetto to the suburbs, the pent houses to the villas, from the streets to corporate avenues with the motive of imprinting his brand of music in households and a diverse array of places world over.

Truth be told, mainstream hip-hop let alone mainstream music is a phobia for many a Ugandan born music act.  Very few actually venture there with an extremely high mortality rate. Many faint hearted have surfaced and bow to criticism and public opinion abandoning the game. Jay-P has been called all sorts of things many unpleasant nevertheless being the guy who begun with the end in mind, he continues to brush off diversions meant to divert him from his course of action for victory.