Ekky’s ‘Do You Remember’ Video Out — It’s Absolutely Worth Your Time

Posted: 2015-08-12T08:45:29Z Read: 5,040 times

This week, Ekky released her highly anticipated video, Do You Remember, after her sensational ‘Trouble Maker’ which she featured APass.

Well, we can tell you that Do You Remember is much better than ‘Trouble Maker’ given fashion and dance moves in this video, thanks to Tabu Flo.

A few weeks ago, the singer announced that she was collaborating with one of the most interesting dance groups in Uganda, the ‘Tabu Flo’, whose talent and skillfulness has attracted numerous international credits with the likes CNN taking the front lead. So Ekky was absolutely right! 'coz Tabu flo just spiced the whole video good.

And confidently we can say, Tabu Flo thoroughly proved us in this video to be one of the greatest dance crews of our generation in Uganda. Creativity was on point!

Ekky’s video ‘Do You Remember’ is a must watch with crazy dance moves from the Tabu Flo. The amazing scenes from port bell give the video a countless pleasure. Just like her previous videos, she always brings on an extra touch to make it more exciting.

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