Ziggy Dee Turns To God After Several Years Of Using Witch Craft.

Posted: 2015-07-24T13:20:34Z

Faded local musician, Adam Mutyaba alias Ziggy Dee popularly known for his Eno mic ya Zigg Dee has finally turned into a gospel musician.

In an interview with Glorias Musiime of New vision, Ziggy Dee revealed how “Witchcraft drives Uganda’s music industry” – meaning he was also using it.

Here is the interview as done by New Vision Online:

Ziggy Dee, what are you cooking, you have been away from the music industry for so long?
Me? Being away? No, my music is moving all over. In fact my new project is gospel. I am now so much into gospel music?

What inspired you to start gospel music?
You know, in Uganda’s music industry, it is God first. When you put God at the back of your profession, you can never succeed. Besides witch craft is now driving the industry and I can see myself not meeting my dream unless I put God at forefront.

So, how many gospel albums do you have?
Its only one. I sing reggae gospel music. I mean slow soul touch music which relaxes the mind.

Have you started performing in churches yet?
Yes. I perform in churches, crusades and in other holy places. By the way, I love the gospel audience; it is bigger than other music groups.

Do you still hangout in bars, take alcohol and smoke weed?
I no longer go to clubs and bars because I enjoyed my time and it’s over. There is nothing new added in bars. If I try to go there, I don’t even spend 3minutes. I still take little weed and alcohol.

Any more plans for your new project?
I am already competing for the gospel awards. I must take it because people enjoy my music. Where God steps, no one can break the route.

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