The Perfect Diss: Gravity Omutujju's "LUSWATA" Video is Finally Here

Posted: 2015-07-03T19:41:01Z Read: 11,402 times

Nothing makes music more fun than a perfect diss ... this is one of them.

When it comes to writing a diss song, Gravity Omutujju is in his own lane ... best believe!

Gravity disses Urban Tv presenter Mary Luswata in a song considered to be one of the best diss songs in the history of Ugandan music. He calls her all sorts of nasty things ... and to make it clear that it's her he's attacking, he mentions her first name "Mary" in the song.

Gravity Omutujju's - “Mary Luswata” | Free .MP3 Download

Watch the video ... it's everything you'd expect from Gravity.

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