Fantasies Galz taunt Amama Mbabazi in their new "Movement Invicta" music Video

Posted: 2015-06-20T11:52:02Z

"Yellow" in all dimensions, Movement Invicta video is a follow up to their latest audio that has been receiving massive air play on Radio. It is also popular among music fans who love it but may prefer to dance to it through headphones for fear of being branded too "pro-yellow".

As they continued making gains with their Ngalabi song, the gorgeous, sexy and talented outfit did something unusual in the East African Music Industry. They released 2 albums at the same time featuring beautiful songs like "Don't Touch", " Tugenda Kucakala ft "Gravity Omutujju", "Happy People", "Sneaker", "Ani Mukulu", "Ngalabi", to mention but a few.  

"We released a total of 24 songs in just the month of April. The songs have practically jammed the industry and it is impossible to find a media house, disco hall or happening place in Uganda without a Fantasies Galz song on their play list. When I sneaked into venom last week, when Dj Mark played Ngalabi, I saw almost everybody's lips moving. I was happy and shocked...." -- Said Karma Alexandra the sexy Fantasies Galz vocalist also rumored to be dating "Ziza Bafana"

The girls, who are also rumored to have "very close" links to the state house decided to release the colorful and sounding utterly biased song that seeks to benefit only the sitting president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni AND NOT his once political mastermind Amama Mbabazi at the time when the two political giants are battling to demonstrate who owns the "Victorious Yellow Movement of the people" which the Fantasies Galz christened, "MOVEMENT INVICTA"

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