INTERVIEW: All You Need To Know UK Based Ugandan FADA PEST

Posted: 2015-05-11T08:06:28Z
Howwie: Salute Major Fada Pest


FP: Greetings Howwie nuff love and respect. Fada Pest higher heights and skylnka. But I am surviving the storms of the bad mind and evilness of babylonia. Give thanks most high lives


Howwie: how is your music going?


FP: Music is music it never feds inside me but it springs forth and flows outta mi (ka music neya mi blud) meaning music is always in my blood.


Howwie: How have you managed to keep face up all these years?


FP: All these years I am there.. I am So Fada Pest believe me. I have fought battalions of situations and got back with the trend. I change with fussions that come up each year. Thou inside the raggae industry as today I keep up with the phase. It is "slow bounce" that is swinging 2015.


Howwie: Is it like at the years mega fest you sang?


FP: yeah man.. At the last years Mega Fest in Europe I came through with the riddim pune that set the crowd wild. This riddim has a colourful mellow and inspired from another single I sang called Knock Hard riddim with a massive fussion


Howwie: How do you get away from your critics or those bad mouthing you?


FP: A badmind dem. Mi dasha faya pon dem. And gon chat dem fi get. First of all "I am the one and only Original Fada Pest no duplicate (You cant be Fada Pest And Fada Pest Can not be you) So do not level with me. I am an educated and elevated person today, situations and education have pointed me to where I am. I am living with a purpose. But as I have been through the ghettos of Luzira, Kitintale and kibuli which are my roots. I have grown around bandits and I know the flow of life. 


First of all "most people who dont want progress tend to grade themselves with you and those that envy you tend to badmind and bad mouth you" by spreading the virus to infect others with hate when actually do not know me on a one to one base but hear gossips. "Gossip has muslead and destroyed the world" To myself negatives build me they give me emphasis to work hard and focus ahead. So critics point me ahead.


Howwie: What projects are you doing now? 


FP: I have been working on alot of projects and not mainly targeting uganda but zimbabwe, brazil, portgual, austria because there are producers who have my remixed music in their funnily feels to other sounds into whats makes money for me and them. My music is downloaded massively for example the "labtop holigans" do remix my voices with their sounds. They are from United Kingdom so they do export my accapellas to different companies like the japanesse and korean market where they love my voice with other sounds. Mostly for there technological projects.


Howwie: Do you get money?


FP: Yeah howwie.. you will not believe how much flows into my pockets. It is enough that I earn from. The reason I do not need to advertise to the world or show what I have benefited. I love to live a low profile and leveling with others. I do not have to go around running from show to show to sing to earn. I simply sit behind the microphone in my home studios and spit vibes or styles that I sell to other companies or few upcoming artistes that I am mentoring into the dancehall sect outside Africa. I earn quietly at the end of the day thats what matters to me.


Howwie: Are you intending to target the Ugandan market?


FP: Yeah but not now, not in my programmes. I pulled out after noticing the mistakes i met while investigating the marketing strategies.. you lose alot of money. You spoon feed so and so to get things working but they break down at some point. There is battling.. others blocking your music.. and thats not competition. What I call competition all participants display skills on level ground and the best man wins not dictatorship or buying platforms to shine falsely and blinding the public.


Howwie: (laughs)


FP: Continues, actually those who know my stage performance they will never make mistakes to give me the microphone. "Every where I go and touch the microphone, my mission is I change the show hype.. trust me man"


Howwie: Yeah yeah I recall at last UK Ugandan convention 2014!!


FP: Yeah all big names sang and did their thing but as usual ugandan music politics will never go unnoticed. I was not even going to perform as the funny MC from Uganda was bigging other artistes he came with. I just calmed myself down and looked at this clown with a funny accent. He said I have two mintues and as well to sing one song because the stars have to sing again. That idiot he was so shitty.  It was my turn then I gave my best of that night. Within six mintues I changed the show. Time was ticking first that I came off stage the crowd was boiling.. I was called back I refused because of the disrespect I got from the MC. Any way fuck that. Thats me for those who try to put me down "I like suprising those that under estimate me"



Howwie:  Are you coming to Uganda one day to perform? 


FP: Yeah defntly, I am coming and if I get a chance to be called any where to perform "I will deliver (Fada Pest Time Bomb) I know who Iam.. Dem Can NOT arrange or de arrange me. I like open mic and live band most times.


Howwie: have you ever been back to Uganda since?


  FP: I always came home every year but I keep to my projects in the village. From London to Entebbe then I go straight to the village and concentrate to what my eyes want to see in ten years coming. Once in a while I drive thru Kampala. I do go around clubs in industrial area and town in kabalagala.. makindey etc. I bump into old friends or at times I walk on streets to recall the 1990s memories when we walked to studios or to shows as well enjoying the noisy crowds in owino market.. I get on a boda boda most times I go to the ghetto areas to share life and eat food their, its great.


Howwie: In 2005 you were all over Ugandan tabloids then.. so what happened till today?


FP: The strategy was not working as to the music marketing. It was costly and not giving proper results and others benefited from it. Alot of people were absorbers of money, they created situations so that I could not supply more so I reverted to investing else where. I do not regret my decisions because the investiments have paid off five times in fours years interest.


Howwie interrupts what do you mean?


 FP: I do not like wasting my time chasing so and so please play my music on radio or television...or please can you supply my music in circulation to get famous. I have diverted from that path all that matters to me now is investiments. The reason is that investiments never lie to you or let you down like those that earned alot and left blank lies and when you meet them they just tell stories.


Howwie: Do you have any African projects at the moment?


FP:  Yeah.. I am working on Swahili projects now "two singles coming this month defintly you will have the audio free downloads on howwie website" I am doing Swahili because its a vast Market. Especially the community of kenyans and tanzanians even in  the diaspora have embraced my music which has earned me to be called at the kenyan Rugby game in UK.


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