I was afraid to sign for Sony Music - Vinka

Posted: 2021-12-05T19:26:12Z
I was afraid to sign for Sony Music - Vinka

Musician Vinka confessed in an interview that she was afraid to sign a contract with Sony music when she was approached with the deal.

But she is now enjoying her life with the international label.

The "thank God" singer said she was very comfortable with her Swangz Avenue management,  she didn't see herself working with another record label.

She stated that Sony is doing a great job in the distribution of her music and she doesn't regret taking the offer.

"Sony music Africa signed me and they are in charge of my music and distribution. I was a bit afraid to sign with Sony because I was comfortable with how my career was going. I didn't know what to do with this offer. But I took the step and here I am," she explained in an interview with local television.

Vinka added that her bookings are still managed by Swangz Avenue.