Gulu Musicians vow to rally against Gen. Saleh

Posted: 2021-08-03T19:33:48Z
Gulu Musicians vow to rally against Gen. Saleh

Musicians under two umbrellas- the Uganda Musicians Associations' and Uganda Musicians' Federation traveled to Gulu a week ago to meet Gen. Saleh over stimulus fund.

Their trip faced so much criticism and dominated headlines and discussions in the country.

And musicians based in Gulu feel left out and ignored by the army general who resides in their homeland.

On Tuesday morning, they held an emergency meeting and vowed to demonstrate and rally against Salim Saleh. 

“It is unfortunate that the General could not think of any musician who is home-based. He believes in musicians from Kampala. We have not been working and many are dying of hunger. We shall demonstrate against these unfair acts,” Olara, the leader of musicians based in Northern Uganda explained.

Musicians who visited Gen. Saleh claim they did not receive any money.