Music Producer Nash Wonder Fired At Monster Studios

Posted: 2014-10-24T03:48:13Z

Producer Nash Wonder who by real names is Enock Kubeerwa has been reportedly fired out of Monster Studios. Nash who arose to the limelight after producing several hit songs for many artists like;  Sheebah’s Ice cream, Radio and Weasel,  Khalifah,  Ziza Bafana Irene Ntale among others has left the former bosses.

According to a statement Howwe has landed eyes on, Nash has not left Monster Studios on good terms as the management blames him of failure to execute his duties as expected. Monster Studios management alleges that Nash Wonder received money from several upcoming artistes off the record, but however failed to work on their projects bringing a lot of  unhappiness and torture to these artistes.

Here’s the full declaration:

We officially announce the departure of yet another Monster Studios Brought up Award winning Producer Nash Wonders from MONSTER STUDIOS UGANDA.

And therefore WARN the general public that he is no longer entitled to carry out any business transaction on behalf of MONSTER STUDIOS UGANDA LIMITED!!

We APOLOGIZE to our esteemed customers whom he collected money from using his powers as Studio Manager/Producer without issuing them receipts since MARCH this year and he never did his work.

At Monster Studios Uganda we deeply understand the pain he has implicated on most upcoming Artists who had dreams of recording with us, collected coin to coin so us to work with him and then after walked back and forth but their tracks weren’t finished for several months.

So we call upon all of them to come or call 0414 69 2020 we make things right as there are other producers more talented and dedicated to work 24/7.

We further acknowledge and respect in all aspect His dedicated hard work and cooperation towards the development of Monster Studios Uganda LAST YEAR.

May God Bless the work of his Hands wherever he goes!!!!