Pia Pounds Denies Falling Out with Manager

Posted: 2021-05-30T19:56:35Z
Pia Pounds Denies Falling Out with Manager

Pia Pounds attracted attention to herself when she took to social media to say, she was looking for a new manager.

This was interpreted by many that she had fallen out with ABM, a label she has been signed to for years now.

She came out to explain her post saying that she is still working with ABM, which is led by producer Kuseim.

“I am under ABM but Kuseim cannot promote my music since he has a lot on his plate. I am looking for someone to do the promotion. It’s the only thing I am lacking,” she said in an interview.

Pia Pound said she has always wanted to work with other people but thought a contract she signed with Big Talent, tied her, only to hear from Kenzo recently that she was not signed to Big Talent.