UMA aims at building industry, not individuals - Cindy 

Posted: 2021-03-08T20:14:50Z Read: 1,997 times
UMA aims at building industry, not individuals - Cindy 

A few days ago, Cindy, the Vice President of Uganda Musicians' Association(UMA) was under fire after telling fellow musicians to stop expecting money from the association because it is not a charity organization. 

Many felt offended and insulted thus tasking her to explain the major role of UMA since many expected the association to help musicians. 

In response, Cindy clarified that the association was started to help in building an industry that is favorable for any artist to shine. 

“The association’s main aim is to build an industry fit for all individuals but not specific musicians like they expect,” Cindy responded to Kayz on Sanyuka TV’s Morning Express on Monday Morning.

Cindy is expected to contest for the association’s highest office after Ykee Benda declared intentions to resign from the office a month ago.