Jackie Chandiru’s ecstatic moments on stage

Posted: 2014-10-13T02:46:36Z

Jackie chandiru  of the aggasi fame who also happens not to be a gold digger type of lady is quiet doing well musically as you all can catch her live on Coke studio every Saturday at 8:00pm on Ntv Uganda. The talent former Blu3 member is known for her good stage performance and has vocals too reason she’s in coke studio in the first place.

Speaking of stage performance like every other artist , has epic moments and for her case here’s how she feels every time  she makes the audience dance to her tunes and groove all the way.

I stand on stage n9w,even after I have been away,I feel and get love the audience shows me..they sing word for word,most times I cry but nobody ever notices the tears I shed on stage..I thank God everyday for this gift because it is on that very stage that I forget my pain,betrayals,insults,lies some from those I call loved ones...I can never thank God enough..... Thank you.

With all that said, she’s still out there growing stronger as she continues to share the love with her music in a Mungu Ni Mabe Style